Oldham and Rochdale line

This 14 mile (22.5 km) extension to Oldham and Rochdale leaves the Bury Metrolink line just outside the city centre and runs along the abandoned railway corridor to Central Park in East Manchester. Here it joins the former Oldham loop rail line between Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale, which has been converted to Metrolink. The Oldham loop rail line closed in October 2009 to enable the work to start to convert it to Metrolink operations.


As part of the project, we have rebuilt the previous railway stations or constructed new Metrolink stops at Monsall, Central Park, Newton Heath and Moston, Failsworth, Hollinwood, South Chadderton, Freehold, Oldham Mumps, Derker, Shaw and Crompton, Newhey, Milnrow, Kingsway Business Park, Newbold and Rochdale Railway Station (on Maclure Road). Park and Ride facilities will be provided at Hollinwood and Derker and existing parking facilities will be refurbished at Shaw and Crompton and Milnrow.


As part of the work to build the new Metrolink Oldham and Rochdale line, we have also refurbished nearly 100 bridges and structures along the route.

In May 2009, a special fund of £1.5 billion was agreed for 15 transport schemes in Greater Manchester. These include further extensions to the Oldham and Rochdale town centres. The final funding approval was secured and the contract for the main Contractor was awarded in August 2010.


The extension to Oldham Mumps (temporary) stop was opened in June 2012, the line to Shaw and Crompton opened on 16th December, 2012 and on 28th February, 2013 the line opened to Rochdale Railway Station. On 27th January, 2014, we opened the line through Oldham Town Centre and the temporary line was decommissioned and the Oldham Mumps stop relocated.  The line was completed when the extension to Rochdale Town Centre opened on 31st March, 2014.
Oldham town centre - overview 

This extension opened on 27th January, 2014.  It runs north near the Westwood business park running parallel to Featherstall Road. The route then turns east to follow Middleton Road before heading South towards Manchester Street roundabout. The route crosses Manchester Street roundabout, heads along Union Street to Mumps. There are stops at Westwood, King Street, Union Street and Oldham Mumps. At Mumps there is an intergrated Metrolink and bus interchange along with a new park and ride site.

Rochdale town centre – overview


The Rochdale town centre extension continues from Rochdale Railway Station along Maclure Road, runs downhill along Drake Street and terminates at the new Metrolink stop on Smith Street.  It opened to passenger service on 31st March, 2014. 

Maps of the new Oldham and Rochdale line

View an overview map of the new Oldham and Rochdale line.

For a more detailed area map:

View the Oldham and Rochdale line from Hollinwood to Derker.

View the Oldham and Rochdale line from Derker to Rochdale.


Track facts  Track facts

Open date:
Central Park: Now Open
Oldham Mumps 
Now Open
Shaw and Crompton: Now Open
Rochdale Railway Stn: Now Open
Oldham town centre: Now Open
Rochdale town centre: Now Open