Concession and child fares

Who is entitled to purchase a concessionary ticket? 


The Concessionary Bus Travel Act states that everyone of state pensionable age and over in England can get free off-peak travel on all local buses anywhere in England.
From 6 April 2010 the eligibility age for the National Concessionary Travel Pass changed to mirror the state pension age. This means the earliest date on which you can get your pass will depend on when you were born and, if you were born on or after 6 April 1950, this date will be later than your 60th birthday. For men the eligible age is the pensionable age of a woman born on the same day.
You may qualify for a Disabled Persons Concessionary Travel Permit which will allow you to travel at the concessionary rate, if you live in Greater Manchester.
If you are an older resident of Greater Manchester and have a concessionary travel pass (commonly known as a bus pass) issued by Transport for Greater Manchester, you can travel free after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on Bank Holidays.
When travelling at these times on Metrolink, you must touch in at a smart reader using your pass when you start your journey and touch out at a smart reader when you complete it.
For more information on how to use your pass on Metrolink, click here
If you are travelling on Metrolink before 9.30am, you must purchase the appropriate adult ticket for your journey before you travel.
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To apply for a permit, obtain an application form at your local council offices or TfGM Travelshops. You will need to take with you a passport-sized photograph, proof of age, for example, your pension book or Birth certificate and proof of where you live, for example your rent book or a recent Council Tax, gas or electricity bill.
Child fares

Children under 5 years, who are travelling with an adult, can travel free on Metrolink trams.


If you are aged 5 to 15 you can pay the child fares until you are 16, when you will pay adult fares. If you are 11 or older you must carry proof of your age to pay the child fare on Metrolink trams. If you can't prove your age you will have to pay the adult fare.


When you are 11 or older you can get an igo pass that proves you should pay the child fare. As an extra an benefit an igo pass lets you continue to pay child fares until 31 August after your 16th birthday. For more information about igo visit igo website.


School group bookings of 10 or more students are entitled to a special discount price of £1 per child, please note that bookings must be made at least seven days in advance. Please download our PDF guide for further details. '

Students aged 16 to 19 must be in possession of a 16-19 Scholar's Permit issued by Transport for Greater Manchester and in full time education (College students only). However, the permit entitles the holder to travel on a child ticket to and from school or college only and only during the school term. Tickets must be purchased daily and the weekly (period) tickets cannot be purchased with the Scholar's Permit.
Should it be necessary to vary your journey you will require a variance voucher, which can be obtained from your school or college. At any other time you must purchase an adult ticket.
If you have any questions please view our FAQs or submit your enquiry using the General Enquiry Form.