Passenger charter

The vision behind the Metrolink system is to provide a safe, efficient environmentally friendly and reliable tram system for Greater Manchester that will integrate with other transport modes and fulfil the aspirations of the Transport for Great Manchester Committee.

This Charter applies to all the services and infrastructure provided by Metrolink as the operator of the tram network.

Metrolink will work with rail and bus operators throughout Greater Manchester to provide a seamless transport system facilitating interchange, passenger information provision and through ticketing.

Passenger Information


Metrolink timetable information will be displayed at each platform on all Metrolink stops. Information will also be provided through Public Address and Passenger Information Display Systems.

A phone helpline provides current information on the state of the network which includes any unplanned service disruptions . This number is 0161 205 2000.

Free timetables and other information are available from Travelshops.

Information on passenger services, fares, tickets and alternative transport in the event of any long term disruptions are available at

Advance information on planned disruptions to service will be made available as soon as practically possible in advance. Information will be prominently displayed at all stops. We will always endeavour to minimise passenger disruption to services.

Information will be relayed as widely as possible in the event of unplanned or emergency alterations to services.

When new timetables are introduced we will ensure that any changes to passenger services are available as soon as practically possible in advance. Information will be prominently displayed at all stops.


Passenger Guidance


We want all passengers to have a trouble free journey and therefore ask you to consider the needs of your fellow passengers at all times.

Whilst we recognise the importance of mobile phones and walkmans, we ask you to be considerate in their use so as not to annoy other passengers.

Please do not leave litter on the seats or floors. Take it home and recycle it, especially free newspapers.

Please do not consume food or drink on the trams.

Guide Dogs for the blind and Hearing Dogs are allowed on trams provided they are accompanied as well as any dog or cat being accompanied to the PDSA at Old Trafford. If you wish to travel to the PDSA with a cat or a dog, please contact Customer Services on 0161 205 2000 before you travel. Other animals are not permitted.       

Please purchase the correct ticket for your journey before you board the tram.

Some seats are reserved for those with mobility or other difficulties, including parents with small children. Please be considerate if the need arises.

If you see anything suspicious, please advise the tram operator. Your information may prove to be very important.



A full range of tickets is available from ticket vending machines and selected retail outlets. These include, single, return, season tickets of various duration and integrated bus/tram and rail/tram tickets.



Metrolink welcomes all passengers. We are constantly working to improve our access facilities (e.g. ramps and lifts) and provision of information.

There is provision for manual and electric wheelchairs on all trams along with priority seating / areas for passengers with mobility impairments, pushchairs and authorised mobility scooters (which must be carrying the official Metrolink permit in addition to their ENCTS Disabled Persons Pass or TfGM Travel Voucher Pass).


Tram Service Standards & Facilities


We will regularly review the pattern of services we offer. The emphasis will be on increasing the frequency of services and reducing journey times wherever possible.

We will plan our services so that customers generally should not have to stand outside of the peak times, and at peak times more than 20 minutes of their journey.

We will maintain our trams in a safe condition and to a high standard of cleanliness, which will include cleaning inside and out on a regular basis. All visible graffiti will be removed overnight.

We will continue to aim for improved standards of punctuality and reliability. We will publish our reliability and punctuality figures set against agreed target levels at Metrolink stops every four weeks. These figures will be independently advised every year.

Stop Standards and Facilities


We will provide real time information about our services by means of public address systems and information screens.

We will endeavor where possible to display notices at stops which give details of our address and telephone number and details of how to make a comment or complaint.


We are committed to running a tram system within a safe environment and ensuring that appropriate resources are available to do so. We will protect the safety of our customers, staff, contractors and the general public where affected by our actions and will ensure that property and the environment are protected.

The identification, control and minimization of hazards and risks is contained in the Company’s Annual Safety Plan which is translated into measurable actions including safety statistics and safety targets which are produced annually and reviewed regularly.

Passenger Emergency Call Points are provided on all trams and stops for use in case of an emergency. CCTV monitors platforms, trams and other parts of the System.

Metrolink staff will patrol Metrolink to provide additional reassurance to our passengers.

Metrolink staff will be easily identifiable in uniform and will present a good image. They will help to keep you informed and provide help with any problems should they occur.

Our staff will work with passengers and the police to deter undesirable behaviour of any sort on the Metrolink system.

We expect our staff to treat customers with respect and that they will be treated with respect in return. We will take action to protect our staff from verbal and physical abuse and will always prosecute offenders where we can.

What we will do if things go wrong


We recognise that passengers want to know what is happening when things go wrong. Our staff on trams and on the Metrolink system will help by providing as much information as they can to passengers.

In cases of severe disruption, every effort will be made to provide alternative transport to enable you to reach your destination, with the minimum of disruption.

How to contact us


We value what you have to say, and by passing on your opinions you will help us to improve.

We do our best to give you the service yo u have the right to expect. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction by improving our services in response to your comments.

If you wish to make any comment or complaint, please contact either of the Metrolink or Transport for Greater Manchester Customer Services Departments as follows according to the nature of the query:

Customer Services,

Trafford Depot,
Warwick Road South,

M16 0GZ

Tel: 0161 205 2000 


Contact us using the Metrolink Enquiry Form.

Transport for Greater Manchester
2 Piccadilly Place 
M1 3BG

Tel: 0161 244 1000



For comments or complaints regarding general operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Metrolink system, passengers should contact the Metrolink Customer Service team. For issues relating to policy, for example fares and future Metrolink expansion, passengers should contact Transport for Greater Manchester’s Customer Relations department.

Staff on the Metrolink system may also give you forms for comments and complaints.

Notices providing contact information are displayed on all of our trams and stops.

Responding to your comments


If you have a complaint, we want to find out what went wrong and put it right for the future.

We will endeavor to respond to all customer comments within fifteen working days of the date that we receive your comments, when you will receive a full reply or an initial acknowledgement and a full reply within twenty eight days should it take longer to make the necessary enquiries.

Senior managers carefully monitor the number and type of comments we receive. We will use this information to improve our service in the future.

Personal details will not be given to anyone outside Metrolink unless the individual has made an effort to defraud the business or if the information is needed by the Rail Passengers Committee to investigate the complaint.

Contacting your Rail Passengers’ Committee


We will always do our best to satisfy all complaints. If you still wish to take the matter further you can refer it to your local Passenger Focus Group, an independent public body set up by the Government to protect the interests of Britain's rail passengers. They are funded by the Department for Transport but their independence is guaranteed by an act of Parliament. They use their knowledge to influence decisions on behalf of rail passengers and work with the rail industry, other passenger groups and government to secure journey improvements.

The address for Passenger Focus in the area served by Metrolink is:
Passenger Focus
9th Floor
Store Street
M1 2RP
Tel: 0870 336 6095
Fax: 0161 244 5981

Conditions of Carriage


This Passenger Charter does not affect your legal rights as set out in the Conditions of Carriage. Copies of the Conditions of Carriage are available from Transport for Greater Manchester offices at the address stated in the ‘How to contact us’ section or can be found online here.

If you have any questions please view our FAQs or submit your enquiry using the General Enquiry Form.

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