​Safety on construction sites

Please help us reinforce the message to your children that construction sites are dangerous places.

We are currently building new Metrolink lines to Oldham-Rochdale, Droylsden and Chorlton. Our construction sites run close to a number of schools.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Every Transport for Greater Manchester worker must undergo extensive training and wear safety equipment at all times in order to reduce the inherent risks when working on a construction site. Children trespassing on the construction sites represent a serious risk to themselves and others.

The reality of an active construction site is that careless behaviour can result in injury or death. Please ensure that your children are aware of the dangers of trespassing on construction sites.


Information regarding our construction work

All our construction work is carried out in accordance with our Code of Construction Practice (CoCP). This includes measures to ensure that safety procedures are followed and to minimise disruption to local residents and businesses.

During construction there will be no need for anyone to enter your property or business without prior arrangement. If we do need access to your property we will request this in advance and our representatives will carry appropriate identification. If you are in any doubt, please do not allow access to your property and call our helpline numbers (0161 244 1555 or 0845 604 2724) to confirm the identity of anyone claiming to be a Transport for Greater Manchester, Metrolink or MPact -Thales representative.

Click here to download a letter to send to parents of children living near construction sites.

Click here to download a poster to remind your children of the dangers of construction sites.